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Sharing Lessons of Flowers

Cheshire's Ball and Socket Arts invites you to this celebration, not just of the season's  awakening but of the diversity of artistic expression. Like a garden, our venue is a tapestry of creativity, a place where art and nature converse, and where every visitor leaves a little more inspired.

Sylvia Nichols AIFD  PFCI

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                                                  “The Garden: An Immersive Experience” 

 The artistry of Sylvia Nichols AIFD, blossoms at this captivating gallery event.  Merging the vibrant hues, familiar fragrances, and the exuberant spirit of spring’s flora with the industrial backdrop of Ball and Socket Arts, this exhibition symbolizes the dynamic evolution of the gallery space. Floral artistry communicating directly to the viewer, evokes the essence of spring—a time of hope, rejuvenation, and boundless possibilities. The floral narratives unfurl an ever-evolving canvas that reflects life’s delicate balance and the relentless courage to flourish anew.

                                   Opening Reception

                            Friday, April 26th 4-7 pm

   Regular Gallery Hours   Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays

                         Closing Sunday May 5, 2024 

            Great Give Additional  Special Opening Hours.   May 1st  from noon to 9 pm 

                  Floral design Demonstration/on site with Sylvia Nichols from 6 -7 pm

                             Additional Gallery Hours May 2nd  from 12 - 4 pm

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