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       I love teaching. at-home workshops- 

                              What fun!

 These ladies prefer to remain anonymous

but look at those gorgeous arrangements!     

             Toasting to their talent! 

It's so nice to meet you!

spn portrait 3DSC_5061 2.jpg

 A  Flower-loving optimist,  nicknamed "Spin" by my flower shop employees who said I never stopped spinning!!

Among my favorites:  

Flowers! Chocolate! Music!

Some songs celebrate all 3.

This one will hint at my age  Do you remember?


      Sylvia P. Nichols   AIFD PFCI

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at


    A  Creative"Fixer Upper" I am  working on my third

    home renovation; Each one has been filled inside

    and out with flowers. Even my furry roommates

                                   notice them!

      My favorite flower?

      It changes every day.  

        Today a gardenia!

 "No moss will grow between my Toes"

                  My next career ...

     A floral storyteller, sharing the 

                lessons of flowers.

The Real Deal 

  Sylvia Nichols. AIFD PFCI




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