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Grow Your Spirit

           Every day I find something blooming that grows my spirit. A quick reminder of

                            the beauty that surrounds us in this turbulent world we live in.


                                          Each blog is a less than three-minute read !

    Simply observations from my personal every day when I find that flowers soothe

    my soul. Containing beautiful photos, and simple emotions that will inspire you to

    open your eyes and grow your spirit.


                                                                      Nothing to buy

  No lessons about weight loss, curing wrinkles, how to make money,  easy exercises,    what to eat - or not to eat,  aging gracefully, or magic potions that will cure anything.


           The garden of my life has been full of flowers and growing things of many 

     varieties. Those with roots in the soil, those with family roots,  and friendships that

     continue to grow.  Colleagues in the flower industry deeply rooted in the wonder of 

    nature, curious children who are closer to the ground and have eagle eyes!

                                                           So many lessons to share.

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