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"A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour"

Lately it seems that often conversations begin with 3 little words - "at your age..."

Let's be honest. At my age I have taken many journeys and every single one has presented detours! Some have required a new map to get to the destination but every detour has been a learning experience. Some were easier than others but all have shaped me into the person I am today and I would not change a thing. Most of my detours were made easier when I stopped to smell or talk with flowers! My circle of friends grew to include people from all over the world. My absolute amazement at walking into the flower auction In Holland,

at 5 am, is a treasured memory. Then, a welcome luncheon surrounded by thousands of gerbera blossoms In the middle of gleaming glass greenhouses, each extending like spokes of a wheel from the center where musicians serenaded our florists from all over the US as we dined at linen-covered tables. The riotous color of the blooms that were soon to be cut, packed, and on the way to worldwide destinations was a magical backdrop.

Not all flower detours were so grand. Often the most memorable were the simplest ones. The fragrance of lily of the Valley or helping my Mom as she carefully tended the "4 O'Clocks". and marguerite daisies in her tiny garden. The excitement when huge boxes of cut flowers arrived from a college suitor when I was 18. The joy of convincing a local florist that I simply wanted a wedding bouquet of gathered white marguerite daisies, blue cornflowers, and ivy that reminded me of my Grandfather and my Mother.

In the last few years, I have faced several detours, widowhood, downsizing to a much smaller home, retiring from a retail floral job, the loss of. old friends, my grandchildren grown and flown, and most recently endng a 13 yr seat as an elected town councilor.

This time the road has taken me on a detour of learning. My idea was to create a simple little book of floral conversations. It took a village! My friend Angela and I had many floral adventures and misadventures. Stories and photos were shared with floral colleagues around the country. Even some HS friends who "at our age" who still get out in the garden.

And of course, I required the assistance of a techie, who "at his age" could navigate the formatting and web design. The final destination after many detours -- the book!

The new road map - - a website, Grow your Spirit - a blog, a Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the Book - Tulips talk........ are you listening?

Will there be continuing detours? I certainly hope so. "AT my age", I am looking to new speaking engagements, another book with Angela, meeting new friends and facing new challenges.

I definitely plan to enjoy the scenery along the way! What lessons have flowers taught you?

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