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Flowers by the Millions

My British friend, Angela Pontecorvo is, by chance, in London this week. Sending me lots of flower pictures, I was particularly inspired by this one today.

Respect, love, grief, consolation, appreciation. Words from the hearts of millions who have no other way to express what is in their hearts. HRH Queen Elizabeth II was part of the British family. As we watch the formality of ceremonies, Royal protocol, family mourning and listen to the endless commentary, it is clear that the glory of flowers fills a need for her subjects to express heartfelt sorrow, to Her Majesty, to her family and, to the world. Putting politics and protocol aside, these flowers are personal expressions of remembrance of The Queen, a world leader, a monarch, a lady, a mother, a grandmother, and a great grandmother. Simply, a human being with a family like our own, she was thrust onto the world stage by circumstances out of her control.

This garden of flowers is not unlike the British subjects. Some are brash and outspoken, some quiet and demure. The colors of some demand our attention. Some are weeds growing in unwanted places. Others bloom quietly in the background to offer softness and fragrance. The sunflowers remind us of the future and sunshine ahead. The elegance of the lily and the rose inspire respect. But all express emotion.

Our lesson today - all flowers grow in the same garden. I would like to think that our world is a better place because of the diversity in our flower gardens. Flowers bask in the sunshine,

absorb the rain, and persevere through the cold and wind. Each has its own place. It would do us all well to learn that there is room in our own families, our own communities, and our own workplaces, for patience, and respect for the wonderful differences that allow us to grow together.

It is up to us to tend our garden as did HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

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